Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who Are You? "I Am Number Two"

Before anyone out there gets any strange notions - this is most definitely not a blog about The Prisoner.  No.  This is a blog about the glorious, notorious and otherwise mundane world of the number two single - specifically, the number two singles as found on the UK singles chart, from the beginning up until...well, whenever this blog seems 'done'.  

You might be wondering why such an enterprise would be necessary.  Number two singles aren't regarded as being that important, they don't have much cachet, and no one ever brags about having one.  But this is in part why I felt the need to look at them.  They are in the shadow of their more famous/popular/best-selling superior, but sometimes very fine things lurk in the shadows; of course, sometimes it's just junk, but sometimes the most extraordinary things are there as well... first I thought I was going to keep this blog more or less to myself, however because not much attention is given to these songs as a whole, that didn't seem right - so it is public, comments moderated by me but nevertheless, public.  I heartily invite any and all comments, esp. during the first few weeks as I will be discussing songs I barely know, from a time long before my own.  

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